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New testers are tough, safe and simple

Tough enough to cope with any site conditions, Megger’s new MIT200 insulation and continuity testers are small enough to slip into a pocket.

Ready to go with Calibration Certificate


Tough enough to cope

Tough enough to cope with any site conditions, Megger’s new MIT200 insulation and continuity testers are safe and easy to use.

The new instruments are suitable for testing practically all domestic, commercial and industrial installations and are rated to Category III 600V application.


Safe and practical

Safety has been an important design feature of the MIT200. Should one of the instruments be inadvertently connected to a live circuit, a warning is immediately sounded, even if the instrument’s internal fuse has failed. The voltage is then displayed and testing is inhibited. Automatic warning of fuse failure is also provided, saving time-consuming manual fuse checking.
The instruments are easy to use. Backlit LCDs include a large analogue-style arc that provides a rapid indication of results, together with a digital readout that provides precise data for inclusion in test reports and certificates. After a test, results are displayed until the next test is initiated, eliminating the need for a hold button. Knobs and buttons are also colour coded for convenience.

Four products in the range

Instruments in the new range are currently available in four versions. The MIT200 offers a 500 V test voltage, the MIT 210 1000 V, the MIT220 offers insulation testing at 250V and 500V, while the MIT230 allows testing at 250V, 500V and 1000V. Both models feature 1000megohm insulation testing at all supported voltages, 200mA continuity test current, and a fast continuity buzzer with a 5 ohm threshold. Continuity tests are fully automatic, freeing both hands and removing the need to press the TEST button, but still features live circuit detection.

Supplied complete and ready to work

MIT200 testers are supplied with test leads that feature right-angled connectors to prevent tangling and reduce stress in the cable. MIT230 testers and accessories are supplied in a rigid carry case. They are also supplied with free calibration certificates.

Megger MIT200 Series 250V 500V and 1000V Insulation and continuity tester (Contractor)

Insulation testing to 1000 MO
Continuity testing at 200 mA down to 0.01 O
Live circuit warning (voltage display) and test inhibit
Digital/Analogue display
Alkaline or rechargeable batteries
–10ºC to +55ºC operating temperature
Conforms to EN61557-1

The MIT200 series will find applications in electrical contracting, both on domestic and industrial systems, as well as site maintenance and service departments.

The MIT200 series of insulation and continuity testers are ideal for testing transformers, motors, generators, switchgear, panel building, domestic appliances, power tools etc., as well as fixed electrical wiring systems.

Their small size and light weight make them ideal for those engineers that need to carry them for extended periods.