Power Factor Improvement Capacitors


Usage of Capacitors

If you analyze the running costs of any factory, you will find that power charges usually represent a major part of them. Every industrial consumer and plant engineer, therefore  welcomes any reduction in the electrical energy costs with reverence. This broachers is deigned to show the consumer how capacitor help reducing energy costs considerably

Most AC electrical machines draw from the supply source an apparent power in items of KVA (Kilovolt-amperes) which exceeds the useful power KW (kilowatts), required by each machine the ratio of these two measures, i.e.

is known as the power factor of the load . The type of machine in use decides its own power factor. A large proportion of the electrical machinery used in industry as an inherently low power factor  which, in other words means that the supply sours has to generate correct very much in excess to a theoretical requirement from it, and that the transformers and cables have to carry this extra useless current. Thus if the over all power factor of a generating stations load is low, which is the case with most of the generating station's  in the coubntry, the system will be inefficient while the cost of electricity correspondingly high in order to overcome this strategy, and at the same time to ensure that the gennerators  transformers and cables remain free from over-loading with useless current the supply authorities often offer reduced terms to consumers who have a higher power factor, or impose penalties on those who have a lower power factor