Din Rail Mounted Terminals -( Polyamide 6.6 - U series)


The U series Terminal Blocks are based on Modular Type design having all Brass parts. The proven screw clamp design offers high compact force and is easy to use. The special design of the clamp makes it possible to terminate upto 0.2 conductor on the lower side. All metal parts are made up of high conductivity brass. The housing is made from engineering thermoplastic type Polyamide 6.6. The feed through terminal blocks are available currently to accommodate conductor sizes from 0.2 to 10 The Twin Terminal Block solves the problem of power distribution by accommodating two separate cable connection points on the load side. The Double Level Terminal Blocks offer easy solution to space problem. The special feature of providing offset between lower and upper decks allows better accessibility to the lower level screws and better visibility of labels.

DIN Rail Mounted Terminals (Polyamide 6.6-k series )

Feed through terminals

Elmex "K" Series Universal
(TS 32mm & TS 35mm) Rail mounted Terminals in Polyamide 6.6 housing offers complete range suitable for all Control and Power applications. The proven screw clamp design offers high contact force and is easy to use. The range covers terminals suitable for conductor sizes from 0.5 sqmm to 95 sqmm The special foot design provides a slot for easy mounting and removal of the single terminal from a stack, using a screw driver.

Fuse, disconnect terminals

Applications in C & I require fuse protection facility. elmex offers Terminal Blocks with built-in safety fuse levers. The Terminal Block has a moving type hinged lever which accommodates glass cartridge fuse of 5mm x 20mm OR 5mm x 25mm size that easily snaps on the terminal body. The special grade of Phosphor Bronze contacts offer low contact resistance. A solid brass link type DL4 in place of the fuse, makes it possible to use it as Disconnecting type Terminal Block.

An LED with built in signal conditioning circuit provides illuminated indication of the circuit fuse failure. Standard operating voltages can be selected from range of 24 VDC, 48 VDC , 110 VDC, 110 VAC & 240 VAC.

Multi Level, Spring Loaded

The Universal (TS 32 & TS 35) mounted Polyamide 6.6 Terminal Blocks employ compression springs below the contact clamp assembly for providing completely reliable solution for a vibration proof termination.

Distribution blocks

Yet another innovative Engineering Solution to satisfy customers' needs. Distribution Blocks mainly find application for Power Distribution in Control Circuits and can also be used to centralise earthing for the entire Panel. Completely shrouded and Universally Rail Mounted they accommodate single input and multiple outputs, replace conventional open Bus Bar and ensure perfect continuity.. Two varieties of Distribution Blocks are available - one, suitable for identical size of conductors as input / output, and another for higher size conductor as input and lower as output.

Earth terminals

elmex Ground Terminal Block replaces the conventional Bus Bar used for earthing requirement in the panel. The structural design is such that the mounting rail not only has a mechanical but an electrical function as well. Earthing is established via the foot which clamps directly on the rail. The Ground Terminal Blocks are mounted on the same rail along with the other Terminal Blocks. The conducting part is Brass with Tin over Nickel plating providing low resistance path. Moreover, the housing is Green-Yellow combination in accordance with universally accepted colour code for earthing.


DIN Rail Mounted Terminals (Malamine-C series )

Feed Through Terminals

The TS 32 DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks, commonly known as standard Terminals are the most widely used among Melamine series. They are available for terminating conductors from 0.5 to 35 sq. mm. The Screw Clamp technology employed in the terminal facilitates direct connection of two wires without any special preparation. All the current carrying parts are fully shrouded offering the required degree of IP protection.

Stud, Disconnect Terminals

The TS 32 DIN Rail Mounted Melamine Terminals are specially developed for terminations using Ring/Fork Type Lugs and provide a very reliable connection against vibrations. They are of two types 1) Screw Driver Operated & 2) Nut Driver Operated They are available for terminating conductors ranging from 0.5 to 35 All the Metal parts used are of High Quality Brass (Copper Alloy) which makes them suitable for use in applications like Switchboards, Switchyards, Marshaling Racks etc., generally exposed to environmental extremities.Transparent protective covers are used for shrouding live Parts in the terminal.

Power Bus (Bus bar) Terminals

The TS 32 mounted Melamine terminals facilitate termination of power cables of larger cross sections - 35 to 95 sq. mm. These Terminals allow termination through Ring Type Lugs crimped with the cable. Partition / Barrier plates are used for increased clearance and creepage distance between adjacent terminals. Slots are provided in the Barrier Plates which facilitate mounting of a Transparent Protective Cover shrouding the live parts. Available in two varieties - without bottom nuts with bottom nuts. In the former case the current bar holes are tapped on either side.

Spring Loaded, Plug & Socket Terminals

The TS 32 mounted Melamine Terminal Blocks employ compression springs below the contact clamp assembly for providing completely reliable solution for a vibration proof termination.