About Us

COSMOS ENTERPRISES is a young and fast growing company with specialization in the field of Test & Measuring and Process Control Instruments.  COSMOS is managed by young Professionals in the field of TMI & PCI.

COSMOS in this field for more than a decade in catering to Government, Semi Government, Private and Public Sector Undertakings including the Defense, Telecom, Railways, Port Trusts, Power Generation and Steel Plants.

COSMOS has been introducing a lot of new Products keeping in mind the latest cutting edge technology and making our organization a " ONE STOP SOLUTION " for all your needs in measuring electrical & electronic parameters from simple Voltmeter & Ammeter to Oscilloscope & Spectrum Analyzers to High Voltage testing kit etc., from world renowned manufacturers.

COSMOS cater to total needs of customer in various industries for their electrical, electronics and instrumentation requirements.  While COSMOS offer/supply products, also offers service support and solutions to satisfy the customer like obtaining calibration certificate from various authorities like ETDC/NML and CEIG approvals.  These are managed by young enthusiastic, well qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals.  COSMOS can assure of meeting your requirements in totality.

Our associate company (M.K.ENTERPRISES) undertakes Low & Medium size turnkey projects which includes EPC contracts in electrical, electronics and instrumentation field.  To support them COSMOS got into manufacturing PCC, MCC, APFC, Test Benches, Instrumentation and Control Panels.



AVO-Megger, Power Analyzer, DMM, ET & Cable Fault Locator.

Lutron / CIE, DMM, AC/DC Clamp, dB, Lux, IR, Anemometer & Tachometer.

P+F Proximity, Photo electric, Ultrasonic Sensors, Encoders, Float Switches & Level Control Probes, F-I Converters & Intrinsically Safe Barriers.

FUJI & MULTISPAN - PID Controllers, Scanner, RPM Indicator, Counter, Timers, Batch & Counter, Totalizers & Thyristor Controlled DC Drives.

C&S-SDFU, COS, HRC fuses, MCCB, ACB, EMPR, Contactors, OLR, Starters.

Yesha Mixed Di-electric, ABB MPP & Saha Sprague GAS filled Capacitors.

Lavota - Italy Automatic Power Factor Correction Relay.

LG PLC, AC Drives, HMI & Electronic Motor Protection Relay.

SAUMIN DPM (V, A, F, KWH, PF & Wattmeter) Isolators, Flow Rate Indicator.

Rallison & Mardia ISI Wires, UG & XLPE Cables.

Elmex Terminal Blocks & Econix Rail Mounted Interface Modules.