Temperature Controllers




Model Blind Temperature Controller  MCO-1501,MCO-2501
  Controller with Deviation Indication MCD-1701,MCD-2701
  Controller with Bar-Graph (Dev.) Indication MCB-1601,MCB-2601
Setting By knob  
Range 0-400C, 0-1200C




Model MDI-1101, MDI-2101, MDI-3101,MDI 1106 (Six zone)
Display RED 3 Digit, 0.56" height
Range 0C to 50.0C, 199.9C, 400C, 600C, 1200C


Input sensor calibration  
a. Thermocouple Iron-constantan(Fe-Con)-up to 400C
  Chromel - Alumel(Cr/AI)-upto 1200C
  Platinum-Platinum-Rhodium (Pt/Pt-Rh-13%) upto 1600C
b. RTD Resistance Temperature Dectector (Pt-100)low temperature & upto 400C
Indication Accuracy : 1% of FSD
Compensation Cold junction compensation automatic for all thermocouple models
Relay Status Relay energized or heating (or cooling) operation
Relay outpu One change over relay contact 5A/230V AC rating
Control Action ON-OFF or time proportional
Control Version Single set point or Dual set point
Sensor break protection Relay turns off in case of sensor break
Power Supply 230V AC15%, 50 Hz
Indication Mains ON,Relay ON and thermocouple break
Max. ambient temp 55C
INSTLLATION The RTD sensor should be connected to the instrument by proper cables to minimize errors due to cable resistance. For Thermocouple sensor, compensating cable of proper type must be used



Model Series 1000 2000 3000H 3000V
Size (mm) 96 x 96   72 x 72 48 x 96 96 x 48
Cutout (mm)  92 x 92  68 x 68 44 x 92   92 x 44
Depth (mm) 100  120 75 for
 120   120
Mounting  100  120 75 for
 120 120
Mounting  Flush panel mounting with side clamps fixed from the panel
Specifications are subject to change due to continuous design improvement
  For better selection or model, range and calibration    
    Model No  


    Range   Specify narrowest possible range for beter accuracy
    Type of sensor    Pt-100, Fe/con, Cr/Al or Pt/Pt-Rh-13%
    Control action   ON OFF or time Proportional